Architectural Metalwork

Excellence in Architectural Metal Fabrication


If you're looking for architectural fabrication that brings your design to fruition with stunning results, you know that skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail are both vital.


At JUSTMETALS. we combine innovation and expertise in metal fabrication with practical know-how that ensures we deliver exactly what you want, when you want it.


JUSTMETALS offer unique metal combinations and finishes that provide eye-catching individuality and strong accents. We combine skilled metalwork with glass, timber, stone and plastics for a variety of creative looks.


Innovative Fabrications for Your Architectural Projects


We pride ourselves on our ability to manufacture exactly to your specifications in a short time frame.


Our goal is to enable you to realise your architectural vision, but we'll also help out with practical suggestions. If necessary, we're even able to create prototypes and new manufacturing processes for the look you want to achieve.


While we can take care of the details, we know that you may want to take a more hands-on role. At JUSTMETALS, we welcome designers and architects providing input at all stages, including the manufacturing process.


We offer architectural metalwork for all kinds of uses, including:


We offer architectural metalwork for all kinds of uses, including:


  • Shop fittings, cafe furniture, and restaurant fit-outs

  • Food courts

  • Support structures and stands

  • Indoor and outdoor furniture

  • Creative building facades

  • Creative office and boardroom fittings

  • Designer awnings and shade cloth supports



















Industrial Metalwork

Quality and Efficiency in Industrial Metalwork


When you need expert metal fabrication for a retail, entertainment, residential or office project, you want a company that offers the very best in efficiency, imagination and skill.


At JUSTMETALS. we're committed to providing an industrial fabrication service with know-how, innovation and expertise you can trust.


Whether your project is an apartment development, shopping centre, hospital or office block, we'll provide the unique elements that bring distinction and individuality to the environment.


At JUSTMETALS. we know our metals. We specialise in a range of industrial metalwork services, including industrial welding, drilling, bending, shaping, lathing, cutting and stamping.


At JUSTMETALS, we're committed to helping you achieve your design goals. Our metal fabrication services encompass a range of metals and finishes, including the following:


  • Mild Steel with finishes such as powder-coating, chrome or linished

  • Stainless Steel

  • Copper & Brass

  • Aluminium


We combine different metals for unique designs and effects. We also combine metals with glass, timber, plastics and stone, to create individualised designs that make an impact.


From precision parts to completely assembled items, we can produce the components you require, whether that's bulkheads, stairs, balcony and stair rails, office fittings, wall fixtures or roof elements, and much more.


At JUSTMETALS. we understand that time is money. Because our skilled professionals listen to your requests, care about the details and strive to fulfil your brief, you actually save money.


Not to mention that we guarantee on-time delivery of our custom metalwork so you can meet your deadline.













Structural Metalwork

Well equipped workshop with 

established team


Structural jobs up to 10 tonne, but not limited to this type of work,   JUSTMETALS. guarantee the best quality and finishes in their range of steel products – from RHS steel products to Flat-bats, T-bars, Channels and Steel Sheeting.


  • Stairs

  • Mezzanines

  • Portal Frameworks

  • Beams and Columns

  • Lintels

  • Structural Steel Stairs and Platforms

  • Architecturally designed Internal Structural Stairs in Private Residences

Do you need your steel product to be customised to your specifications?


JUSTMETALS. will cut it to size after pre-ordering it while you wait in store.


Do you need assistance with other steel-related services?


JUSTMETALS. can help you with the fabrication, welding, drilling, prime painting and delivery of any steel product of your choice.


Residential or commercial projects, big or small jobs, North and South of the river– whatever your needs, the professional team at JUSTMETALS. will deliver superior service and solutions for your projects, on-time, every time.